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Scouts and Guides & NCC/ NSS

Bharat Scout and Guide- 2013-14

  1. In Scout section 24 cubs and 67 scouts have been registered.
  2. 09 Scouts  participated in Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp held in July-2013 at KV Hinoo, Ranchi.
  3. 03 Scouts selected for Rajya Puraskar and attended at KV IIM Joka.
  4. In Guide section 24 Bulbuls and 51 Guides have been registered.
  5. 06 Guides attended Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp.
  6. 01 Guide is selected for Rajya Puraskar and attended at KV Command Hospital, Kolkata.


Details of Scout /Guides Strenght:

Total Number of Cubs 38
Total Number of Bulbul 22
Total Number of Guide 07
Total Number of Scout 107
Total 159
Student in Pravesh Scouts 29
Stuent in Pratam Sopan Scouts 38
Student in Dwitya Sopan Scouts 25
Student in Tritya sopan Scouts 07

Scout & Guides Teacher Trainer:

1.Mr. Suresh Kumar Chuadhary TGT(Sans) Scout Wing (BasicTraining)

2 Smt. Priya Jha PRT Guide Wing (Advance Training, Jumbury) & Advance guide captain

3.Smt. A. Xaxa TGT(Eng) Guide Wing (Advance Training)

4.Mr. O. P. Gupta TGT (AE). Scout wing (Basic Training)

5.Mr. P. K. Gupta TGT (WET) Scout wing (Basic training)

6. Mrs. Nibha Prasad PRT Guide wing (Basic Training)

7. Ragini Oraon PRT Guide wing (Basic Training)

8. Mr. David Tigga TGT (Maths) Scout wing (Basic Training)